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Styles of Learning at Grey Lynn Montessori

Children Love to Learn At the base of Montessori practice there is an acknowledgement that children learn in different ways. At Grey Lynn Montessori we approach teaching with a philosophy that is designed to encourage your tamariki’s natural love of […]

Daycare Grey Lynn

Encouraging Grace and Courtesy at Grey Lynn Montessori

Making sure your actions best serve your social environment is part of the way Montessori learning works. There are some fairly simple ways that Grey Lynn Montessori childcare embodies the principles of grace and courtesy for our young learners. A […]

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How to Address Big Topics with Little Kids

It’s been a challenging year, with a lot of significant changes for parents and children alike. But a global pandemic isn’t the only big topic in a lot of people’s lives – you may have brought a new child into […]

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The Grey Lynn Montessori Approach to Outdoor Play

Dr Maria Montessori – the founder of the Montessori philosophy from the early 1900s – was well ahead of her time. While other preschool centres were solely focussed on the indoor environment, Dr Montessori appreciated how important it was for […]


The Importance of Choosing the Right Childcare Centre

Whether it was a matter of months or years, your child was largely with you for the first part of your life – and now it’s someone else’s turn! It’s a big decision, selecting a childcare centre in Auckland for [...]
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Teaching Literacy the Montessori Way

Parents are often attracted to Montessori for the way that numeracy and literacy is taught. From when you first enter a Montessori centre, you’ll notice enticing bright pink and blue sandpaper letters (made of sandpaper so that children not only [...]

Supporting your Toddler’s Development through a Montessori Lens

The toddler brain is one that fascinates me both, as a teacher and a parent. You go from having a baby that is so dependent on you for everything - from eating to toileting, to having a little human who [...]