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Encouraging Grace and Courtesy at Grey Lynn Montessori

Making sure your actions best serve your social environment is part of the way Montessori learning works. There are some fairly simple ways that Grey Lynn Montessori childcare embodies the principles of grace and courtesy for our young learners. A large part of sharing these values is intentional modeling, and our staff makes it part of the everyday way we communicate with anyone that enters the childcare centre.

Serving the Grey Lynn Community

Our Montessori daycare serves Westmere, Sandringham, Ponsonby, Newmarket, and Mt Eden and espouses these simple childcare principles. For instance, when a new person arrives, the graceful and courteous way to greet them is with eye contact, a pleasant hello, and a smile. The expectation in a Montessori daycare is that your little one is capable of engaged learning, that they choose their learning from the low shelves and then they concentrate on that task. Although we may have come to expect chaos in childcare environments, Montessori approaches your child as someone who is capable of focused learning from a young age.

Learning Ways to Move

Modeling grace and courtesy extends to the way the children are taught to move around in the learning space. A way of moving that does not disrupt others from their chosen tasks is encouraged, and care with the way we modulate our voices is encouraged and expected in the indoor learning environment of the Montessori childcare centre.

Watching and Listening

Our early childhood centre learners are encouraged to observe other people’s work, we show them ways to action this without disrupting that person’s workflow – and this is also encouraged as a way of listening when someone speaks. Although these simple courtesies may seem commonsense, Grey Lynn Montessori makes a point of reinforcing a gentle way of being with others in the childcare arena.

Back To Basics

Some basic ways that you can support your Montessori learner when they are home from childcare is to move into tasks in a measured way, perhaps when you’re readying your learner for daycare, you can take that often, difficult breath, and modulate your tone and movements in a way that speaks to a gracious approach to an often stressful moment.

Please and Thank You

Another easy way to help your child adjust to this unique childcare space is to reiterate the importance of a simple ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’, and an ‘excuse me’ appropriate to situations. These little courtesies and graces form the foundation of ways of being that are paramount to your child reaping the benefits of Montessori education.

If you live in Grey Lynn, or across Westmere, Sandringham, Ponsonby, Newmarket, or Mt Eden get in touch with Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool. Our Montessori program may be just right for your little learner.

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