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Establishing Connections with Our Local Community

At Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool, we are well placed in our community to forge strong connections. We are now able to take some day trips again and enjoy the many wonderful activities Auckland City offers. Our curriculum revolves around key areas for learning that are fed by connecting to experiences in our environment and stretched by having new experiences. The first key area is Practical Life learning, which is about helping your childcare child to embrace functional aspects of living and learning about social norms.

Being Part of Our Community

Learning about ways to interact and behave as a community member are important steps towards becoming a self-aware citizen. When we take a trip to the Zoo or Motat or any of the other great attractions Auckland has to offer, your daycare kid gets a chance to understand about ways to move as part of a group, and to identify how a Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool child fits into the wider scheme of things. We learn how much noise is appropriate in different spaces, how to be a safe traveller and the importance of looking to our group leaders for direction.

Understanding Culture

Another area of the Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool curriculum that is a primary focus for our children is culture. This is interpreted as a discovery of the natural and physical worlds, and encompasses having your childcare child explore Zoology, Botany, Geography and Science, it’s also about understanding the fabric of life that we share and interpret in different ways. When we take a trip as a group, we are always looking for ways to apply our cultural knowledge and build on that knowledge to promote growth, empathy, and responsibility.

Learning Language and Literacy

Anytime your Grey Lynn Montessori Preschooler is in a new environment there are possibilities to extend Language learning. New experiences throw up new words, and opportunities to explore literacy as it applies across different modalities. For instance, a trip to the Museum offers up a myriad of objects and cultural information that we can read and write about in specific terms that may not emerge without a visit to that environment.

Getting out and about is important for your childcare child, and at our Grey Lynn childcare we include some great trips and excursions in our curriculum. We love to hear your ideas about places to visit and we always welcome an extra set of hands when we head out into the world to explore.

Get in touch today to chat about ways we can apply Montessori learning out in the big wide world.


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