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Fostering Independence at our Early Childhood Centre

Our childcare centre in Grey Lynn is a great option for families who want to give their children an approach to learning that helps them develop independence that empowers them to follow their natural curiosity. We’d love to help you understand some of the ways we can make this happen.

Engage The Senses

Our childcare approach is designed with the knowledge that there are different ways to learn. Some tamariki at Grey Lynn Montessori understand concepts best when they can touch objects, other little learners grasp things when they hear them talked about. There are ways of educating your child which incorporate movement and at Montessori, we believe that engaging the senses is the best way to accelerate the cognitive development of young minds.

Having Choices Is Empowering

One of the ways we lead your child towards independence at our childcare is by providing a setup in each learning room that is designed to facilitate free choice. This means that our learning materials are placed on low shelves that your child can choose to approach. At our Grey Lynn childcare when your tamariki has picked the object or materials they want to engage with at that moment, we then move to help guide them to get the most out of their choice.

One On One

This means that your child will get a one-on-one experience, guided by their own choices and extended by one of our qualified educators. We have learning rooms for our younger tamariki that are designed to accommodate their particular needs and we have a room that is dedicated to independent learning for the older preschool kids. In this way, we make space for our learners to learn alongside their peers who are likely moving at around the same pace. Throughout the day, as part of our curriculum, we also have small group sessions for all your children that focus on learning to work collaboratively through employing the tenets of grace and courtesy.

Whatever way your child learns, at Grey Lynn Montessori we are here to make sure they grow and develop in ways that will open up their world. We love to be part of the innate process that drives little learners to explore and discover, so get in touch today to discuss independent learning for your tamariki here at Grey Lynn Montessori.

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