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How We’re Encouraging Children to Be at One with Nature

When you enrol your child at Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool you are allowing your tamariki the opportunity to grow and explore in ways that acknowledge their natural curiosity as a powerful learning tool. At our childcare centre, we acknowledge that every child needs to develop physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social ways of being, and we love to take these ideas outdoors where your childcare will be able to interact with nature.

How Does Your Garden Grow!

At Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool we feel very fortunate to have our very own garden! We grow flowers and vegetables and we love to get our hands dirty and get a good grasp on what the processes are that get the garden humming along. Gardening is a pretty scientific process and there are lots of ways we can work together in the garden to understand how the weather works seasonally to best produce plant varieties, how photosynthesis occurs and the way our food scraps rot down to make a rich food that helps our plants to thrive.

The Birds and The Bees And The Flowers And The Trees

When your child gets out into the garden at Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool there are some critters they are likely to meet. Along with the worms, caterpillars, and butterflies, there are birds that love to fly in to be a part of the life of the garden. Observing the way the insects and birds interact with each other – and with the plants – is a great way to gain some understanding of the way ecosystems function, and about how we are connected to one another, and the earth.

Food For Our Future

Learning how to sprout the seeds, to plant the tiny seedlings out into the soil, and how to care for the plants properly, are all great lessons that will help your child understand ways to feed themselves and their families in the future. At our Grey Lynn childcare centre we bring our food scraps out to the compost, so your tamariki will have an idea of how the food cycle can operate in sustainable ways. If you have a patch of dirt at home – or even some big containers for your deck or doorstep – you can grow some simple things for your table. A few herbs and lettuces are a great place to start, and you could soon find your bill at the supermarket starts to go down if you work the soil.

We love to hear your gardening stories. Community is key for raising healthy kids – so get in touch today – let’s grow something great together!

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