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Styles of Learning at Grey Lynn Montessori

Children Love to Learn

At the base of Montessori practice there is an acknowledgement that children learn in different ways. At Grey Lynn Montessori we approach teaching with a philosophy that is designed to encourage your tamariki’s natural love of learning, this means we want to guide and empower your child to learn in the way that feels comfortable for them. Each learner is given space and time to discover what methods of engagement suit their learning style, and there is always an opportunity to use our resources to assist your tamariki to dig deeper into the learning experience they have chosen in that moment.

We Are All Unique

One example of a style of learning that we incorporate at our Grey Lynn early learning centre is the tactile/kinaesthetic approach. Kinaesthetic can be explained as ‘active’, this means that some tamariki absorb and respond to learning when it arrives in a way that they can touch or experience, or in a framework that includes movement. We have specifically designed materials available for your tactile/kinaesthetic learner, all easily accessible to touch and choose from low shelves and tables.

We Change and Grow

Part of accommodating your child’s unique way of learning is encouraging them to try ways of learning that are not their ‘go to’. So at our daycare centre in Grey Lynn we might guide a tactile/kinetic learner to engage visually/spatially, so instead of touching an object to understand it they may also be guided to read about the properties of the object. By exploring outside of our natural inclinations we can sometimes forge new learning paths.

We Follow the Child

Montessori is about assisting your tamariki to develop and learn in ways that promote self- motivation. So when your child is attracted to a particular area of learning in our childcare space, we move alongside them in order that they are guided to experience the depth of meaning of a subject or object in ways that feel like a self-led discovery process. In this way your child becomes empowered, and their line of enquiry is always validated.

Engaged Senses

Tactile/kinaesthetic learners are often sidelined as over active in the traditional school environment. We promote the engagement of all the senses at Grey Lynn Montessori childcare in ways that manifest this particular style of learning alongside our principals of grace and courtesy. We provide objects for learning that are specifically designed to provide a repeated sensory experience with a learning concept at its’ core which is accessed by engaging the senses and this includes movement and touch.

Get in touch today to discuss styles of learning at the Grey Lynn Montessori early childhood centre, we are a short drive from Westmere, Sandringham, Ponsonby, Newmarket, and Mt Eden and we are always happy to have a chat about our great facilities for learning.

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