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Promoting Empowerment and Contribution the Montessori Way

Montessori learning is grounded in ideas about the innate capability of your child to harness their natural curiosity and push their education forward if they are guided to do so. At Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool, we are excited to watch your child’s natural growth and development as they expand their world with the help of the resources and mentoring we provide here at our childcare.

Get Your Tamariki Involved

We believe it is essential to have your children take on responsibilities at home and when they visit other environments. To this end, we encourage all Grey Lynn Montessori Preschool family to involve their children in the tasks and decisions that help your household to run smoothly. At our childcare centre, part of our learning is to tidy things away when we are done with them, everybody in the room is expected to play a role in maintaining the order of the spaces, and this starts from the first day your Tamariki joins us.

Empowerment Is Important

Learning to be responsible contributing members of any group is a great way to empower your little learner. While this may mean household chores take a little longer to get finished up, in the long run, you are helping your childcare child to become independent citizens of the world. Making sure your Grey Lynn Montessori daycare kid sees that their contribution is valued, letting them figure out ways to improve the performance of small tasks independently, and helping them be involved in discussions about what needs to be done are all excellent places to start!

Doing Is Learning

Grey Lynn Montessori understands that each child learns at their own pace, start small and let them lead the way, and there is plenty of scope for growing independence in the small tasks that grown-ups make take for granted. Next time you are doing the dishes, put aside any plastic items you have to wash and ask your child to wash them. Guide them – but don’t do it for them. Let them get the stool, supervise them with the hot tap and allow them to put the dish liquid in. Giving tips is tremendous but use your patience to let them do things differently, figure out what works for them, and complete the task themselves.

Safety First

Always make sure your child is safe; for example, if they want to clean your sharpest knife, that’s not going to be appropriate straight out of the gate. Let them extend themselves in easy they feel comfortable once they understand basic processes and keep it light. It’s better to learn new things when we are not in a hurry.

There are many little ways we can help your child grow and develop into independent adults, so start small, and let them help you figure it out. Get in touch with Grey Lynn Montessori today to chat about cool ways to help your Tamariki shine.

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